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Discovery of an alien

One day, a curious alien was passing by Earth and decided to investigate how humans live on earth. When the alien was swirling around for a spot to land on earth, he came across many different human expressions. He decided to land and as he landed, he stomps across a treasure book, the Bible. Curiosity got a better hold of him as he began to flip over the pages at alien speed. He was so stung by the awesome riches found therein. He was also puzzled - how can anyone on planet earth be poor, confused and sad? He would trade anything in his alien world to be a child of God and a citizen in the kingdom of God. 

God and His Word is too good, beyond man’s imagination. But it is true, God and His Word is really good. As the alien turns over the pages of the bible, he realizes there is no reason whatsoever for a child of God to be sad, defeated, be in poverty, in sickness and lack. Every single moment of his life, he should be smiling, his heart pumping fast with expectation of the next blessing that His Daddy God is putting into his hands. He is enjoying the best of health, lacking nothing and has liberty and authority. The alien wondered why some of the children of God have stresssed-out, defeated faces of “tom-yum” juice. Could it be that they do not know what they have like a story he once heard from an earthly friend. He wondered if he could persuade these “tom-yum” juice people to trade place with him. A hopeful smile appears on his face as he remembered the story of Esau and Jacob. Could he trade the fantasy of the alien world with these earthly people for the right to be a son of the living God? 

Anyway the story that was told some time ago to him by the earthly friend is this. There was this old lady who was living in a very pitiful condition. She had no children, no home, and nobody really cared for her. Live was tough for her as she struggled each day to find the bare necessities to keep her alive. Each morning she would go out in her torn clothes to beg for food and search the rubbish dump for discharged scrapes of food. Someday, she managed to find some rubbish food while on many occasions she had to go without food. These had gone on for many years and one day, she was found dead in her run-down apartment. She had died during the winter because she could not afford to have food and heating. While one of her distant relative was clearing up her apartment, she noticed a piece of paper that looks like an official document stuck on the wall. As she pulled it out for a closer examination, sadness filled her eyes and she cried out uncontrollably. She realized that the woman who died of poverty was a multi-millionaire who didn’t realize that she was rich. The document was a will written in her name to inherit all the property of her rich uncle who died long time ago. 

The alien mumbled to himself in his alien language as he turned over the pages of the bible for the fifth time. He shakes his head and wish God and a “tom-yum” juice person is there to cut the deal. Again shaking his head, he was awed by the super-abundant blessings in the Bible for a child of God. He kept saying “How can, how can a child of God ever lose?” He continued “look at these” pointing and speaking out the promises in the Bible.

  • They can never be condemned by sin/failure. Their Father God cannot remember even their sins. Do you know what it means? Even when they have fallen and did something wrong, when they come to see their Daddy God, there is always a smile on His face and kind words of exaltation and comfort.
  • Look here, they are even called the righteousness of God
  • And here, they are heirs and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ who is the Son of the living God.
  • And heirs of all things. Imagine everything belongs to them.
  • See here. They have all sufficiency in all things and abounding to every good work. That means they lack nothing.
  • Oh mind, what a good and generous Daddy. Even those things which they cannot think of and have not ask, their Daddy God is giving to them exceeding abundantly above what they can think or ask.
  • Can you imagine what they can do? Their Daddy God have given them the power and authority in Christ Jesus that is far above all principality, power, might and dominion, and every name that is named not only in this age but in the ages to come. That means the devils fear them. Anytime, they can call the devil and demand something to be done and the enemy has to obey. And here look. Jesus had crushed the enemy’s head and placed it under the feet of His children. Wow, it means Satan has no power anymore.
  • Amazing. Turn to here and see. A child of God has full liberty. Do you know what it means? It means they have been set free from the bondage of fear, poverty, lack, sin, sickness and death. Here it says, whom the Son, Jesus has set free is free indeed. I feel like jumping although I might end up in Mars.
  • Quick, turn to here. God has given them all things that pertain to life and godliness. All things mean all things. Then why are these “tom-yum” people saying often in their heart, they don’t have? How unfortunate, if only they knew.
  • Look at God’s heart here. He even gave up His Son to the cross for all these earthly people so that they would not have to be condemned and face the punishment of hell. He cost Him a lot. Imagine, the Father God having all the mighty power to destroy and recreate the fallen world, choose to step back and allow the punishment of all the sins and disobedience of man to be laid upon His only begotten Son, the Son that He loves. Look at Jesus, He loves the Father and He loves the people. He had the same power of the Father but He chose to willing lay down His life for the people that were on the way to hell. Can you see how much the Father and Jesus loves His children. My alien father would not have done the same for me either. We would have blown the earth apart and create robots to serve us in Mars. Sigh “Some of His children still do not know how much the Father loves them”. If only they know, then they surely will receive all things that they ask the Father for. See here it says “If God has not spared His Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how will He not with Him freely give us all things”. Again, God says all things and these earthly people are trying to limit these all things to some things and worst of all; some will even limit it to nothing.
  • Look here again at the Father’s heart. He said beloved. He called these earthly creations, beloved. Wow! He said beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health. There is no selfishness or wickedness in the Father’s heart. All He wants is to love and bless His children.
  • I really don’t understand some of these earthly people. They spent tons of money and time to try to get health when all has been done for them to live in divine health. Turn with me to Isaiah 53. I don’t want to sound like I am preaching but I must say this because maybe some of these people are blin. Look here, it says plainly “By His stripes we are healed”.
There are so much more for the child of God. If I share some more, these “tom-yum” juice people may say that I am a preacher sent from Mars. Moreover, I am still trying to trade places with one of them. Would you trade with me, child of God?


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